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Project "Road Rage" (Working Title) - Call for Talent

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  • Project "Road Rage" (Working Title) - Call for Talent

    Greetings everyone, I would like to post this as a call for talent to join Ghostly Studios ( in the development of our most recent (Still unofficially announced) project now dubbed "Project Road Rage". Its 3AM here so please forgive me for being a bit brief on the up-front details.

    About the Project:

    Project: "Road Rage"

    What is Project Road Rage?: Project Road Rage is a vehicular car combat game being developed by the good folks at Ghostly Studios.Major details about the game are currently unreleased - however this game will feature familliar FPS style gameplay within the unique twist of having all of the action take place within the confines of your fully customizable death machine. It is set within the "Terra Firma" game setting, a setting designed in-house and that is being used as a jumping off point for several IP's within the franchise.

    Who is Ghostly Studios?: Ghostly Studios is a small independent game development studio located in Myrtle Beach, SC. Ghostly is comprised of Ex-Industry talent, graduates of major game development schools, and gaming enthusiasts alike. They have a successful track record in subcontracting, particularly in the fields of co-development, asset creation, and iPhone development. Past co-development and/or subcontracting projects weve participated in include Outer-Empires - The first ever true MMORPG for the iPhone.

    Setting: On the planet earth somewhere in the mid 21'st century the world is gripped in a silent chaos. Following the fall of the United States after the Cold War unrest and virulent wars erupted across the globe. With the United Nations powerless to control the catastrophic violence that was sweeping the nations of the west, they looked to the four major MegaCorporations who rose to power during the height of the Nixon administration in order to quell this disaster. The time that followed the battles to come was one wrapped in corporate control. Human rights were signed away in exchange for efficiency and profit, and TerraCorp was born out of the ashes of NuCorp.

    Using the immense wealth granted to TerraCorp by their sole control over a new type of energy source, TerraCorp purchased land from the now bankrupt and decimated U.S. "Assembly". It was here within the ruins of the fallen United States that the first "Octane Warriors" tournament would be held. A new form of gratuitous and unnecessary violence was born on the televisions of Earth. The highest rated television series in history, all thanks to advanced virtualization and cloning technologies discovered by the all powerful TerraCorp.

    Cities such as LA, Atlanta, and New York became battlegrounds within the twisted tournament as new superstars rose to gain fame and fortune, or died trying. The landmarks of the once proud country of the United States are now nothing more than target practice for the willing contestants of the most violent gladiatorial games in human history. Entire cities are wiped out, and washed away like any hope the citizens of Earth had of regaining the sovereignty after the signing of the Corporate Peacekeepering & Control Act was signed.

    • Pimp your ride: Customize your death machine, equip your driver, and express yourself in every way possible. As long as it involves killing.
    • Level up: A complete career tracking system allows you to compare your skills to all of your friends, track games in real time, and unlock new customization features as you advance.
    • Insane arenas: Battle your way through the CNN building parking lot in atlanta, blow the Georgia aquarium wide open, do a flaming jump over dodger stadium, or ignite the La Brea Tar Pits ablaze in your destructive quest for fame and fortune
    • Insane soundtrack: Rock out to the most thrilling metal you've ever heard as you tear through the streets of manhattan or fight for survival within the Louisiana swamplands. An amazing array of music accompany's Road Rage, all designed by Composer and musician Steven White!
    • Feeling Bored?: The fun never ends as you senselessly destroy precious landmarks and shred steel in gametypes such as DeathMatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, Tag, Assault, and Octane Ball.

    As you can see, we hope to have quite a title on our hands. We are seeking experienced Unreal Developers right now in some of the following fields:
    • Programmers / Scripters
    • Networking & Multiplayer Development
    • UI Development
    • Sound Engineering
    • Modelling / Animation
    • Level Designers
    • Texture Artists
    • Special Effects / Particle Effects Artist
    • (Eventually) Cutscene creation

    If you have any of these skills or believe you can contribute to this effort we would be glad to hear from you. We are an unfunded studio right now but as our past proves we take our projects seriously. Please PM me, or Email me with a link of your past work and / or a resume as well as a statement about what your primary skill areas are and which position your interested in.

    We hope to see you guys there. Either way, we appreciate any support we can get during the development of what we think will be an insanely fun project!

    Brian Collins
    Lead Producer / Business Director
    Ghostly Studios

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    I emailed


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      I have not yet recieved an email from you I do not believe. My direct email link is if you'd like to email me. Its also possible that I just missed it or didnt recognize your username here.


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        Well my email address is It should be titled job application. I would like to add you on skype if you have one.