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    LF project

    ok this is the deal:
    i'm a student on the university of ghent (belgium) where I currently study informatics (basicly more math then programming but meh ) and obviously i'm VERY excited about the release of the UDK.

    the only problem is I don't have much experience in the gaming field except for making a few css maps, but I have a huge amount of game ideas i'd like to work out on the unreal engine.

    so basicly what i'm looking for is a project that allows me to follow the progress from the inside, to get familiar with the engine and its capabilities (i'm currently messing around with it but due to my studies I have loads of other stuff that are higher priority then making games).

    I could however assist in writing and testing/giving feedback,

    i'm not looking to make money on this in any kind its just a way for me to get an inside look on a project and see how things get build up from scratch, my goal however is to focus on the engine for a while this summer, when I'll obviously have more free time and work out some game conceps and maybe even some small games.

    if anyone would be so kind to allow me to follow his project please e-mail me at