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    Spaceship designs...

    If you need them for animation or whatnot, I love making them!

    Hey, we are in the process of transferring our Assets from Cryengine 2 to UDK (UE3), and we are in need of someone able to create a spaceships either via concept art or modelling them up them selves to work in UE3.

    As you can see we are working on a Space Simulator and the concept of UDK has made us want to switch engines, luckily a lot of our work is ASSET based so it's a simple conversion progress, but we are still in need of a lot of ship designs.

    If you are interested send a email to


      We could also utilize your talent for we are developing a game that was inspired by Starfox 64.

      You can email me at


        Hey I'm interested in what type of space ships you like to design. Could you give us any examples?

        I'm interested in some 'futuristic' vehicles for level props.


          Thanks for the fast responses...

          Here's a link to some spaceship pics in my MYSPACE album. (I don't have anywhere else to store them online.)

          Most of these models I made for use in a game called 'Space Empires IV'. The game uses pics of only 128 x 128 (about the size of the preview pics in the album. Click on them for a larger verson.) so the textures/materials had to be kept simple to avoid clutter. That, and though I have the tools to, I have yet to school myself very far in the fine art of texture/material creation. : )

          Enjoy, and let me know if this is the kind of thing needed in your project.