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Wild West Games looking for small team

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    Wild West Games looking for small team

    Howdy all,

    we're looking to form a small team to develop a demo for old west style role play virtual world. This is an experimental project to evaluate and demonstrate the possibilites of the unreal engine for use as virtual worlds such as Second Life and others. If your interested in this project please signup at...

    We're particularly looking for..

    - Scripter/Programmer
    - Experienced character modeler
    - Experienced character animator
    - 3D Modeler
    - Composer
    - 2D Texture Artist

    If you think yoiu have a skill that may be useful for the project let us know!

    Thank you,

    This sounds like a cool project. I do have a Second Life account and love the rpg in it. Bloodlines is my favorite role play group in SL. Old West role play seems like a cool style. Signed up!