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2400+ 3D game models at $150!

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    2400+ 3D game models at $150!

    After 5 years of hard work, and thanks to many failed projects, I've ended up having a huge collection of game ready models. Because I'm moving to CGI department, those models will become "useless" to me. Now I wish to trade them with you guys at a very indie price. Let's cut the ****!

    For $150, you will get 2400+ fully textured and optimized models which separated into different sub-packs below:

    _ Abandoned Manor
    _ Afghanistan
    _ Alien Vegetation
    _ Ancient
    _ Autumn Vegetation
    _ Brushwood
    _ Cartoon City
    _ Common Nature 1
    _ Common Nature 2
    _ Common Nature 3
    _ Common Nature 4
    _ Common Nature 5
    _ Desert Ruin
    _ Future City
    _ Mobile Nature 1
    _ Mobile Nature 2
    _ Modern Ruin
    _ Mountains
    _ Mysterious Island
    _ North Vegetation
    _ Rocks 1
    _ Rocks 2
    _ Space
    _ Summer Vegetation
    _ Tropical Vegetation
    _ Underworld
    _ Winter Vegetation

    I named it Insane Game Models Pack.

    You can check some screenshots here (just some because I'm too lazy to render ALL of them :P):
    You might need to switch "Order by:" to filename to view them in right order.

    And finally, the link to spend your money :P:

    P/S: If you're curious what I'm doing with CGI, here's a sneak peek