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[FREE!] KISCAN GUI Framework

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    I am finishing one project now and then I will make these requested videos. I think you are right that people would like to see it in action.

    For now you can check Kiscan Wiki where is simple Getting Started tutorial:

    I appreciate your interest and will release these videos as soon as possible


      Thank you. Hope you success.



        I just would like to let you know that I am still offering full solution for complex GUI systems which you can create in a few minutes using just Kismet


          Great to hear that!


            Unreal Engine 4 is here for some time and I moved too. I suggest all UDK developers to do same thing because UE4 is big step forward but if you still love and work in UDK I have amazing news for you!

            KISCAN GUI FRAMEWORK is now FREE

            Everybody can now create AAA HUD using just UDK editor without coding. You can download it in “Download” section. I was not able to finish documentation because almost everybody moved to UE4 but if you will have some problem you can ask in forum. There is also huge amount of code comments in .uc files, so check them too. After trying UE4 I must say that Kiscan workflow is very similiar to UE4 Blueprints + UMG.

            You can use Kiscan GUI Framework for free even in your commercial projects but you have to include Kiscan GUI Framework in your credits. Also, It will be nice to see your project and what you have done with framework, so please post your work in forum too. Thank you!

            I also must say huge Thank you to all previous supporters.

            If you love something, set it free : )



              Hi Skylonxe,

              Thanks for sharing. Does KISCAN work equally well for both HUD and Menus?
              Would be great to see some YouTube clips if you have some, or any from existing users...?
              Yep, UE4 is the future, but it isn't nearly as ready as some were led to believe...


                Sadly I don't have any video ready but it is capable of almost all 2D elements. You can even create simple 2D games. There is one tutorial/example project in documentation which you can download


                  Great stuff!


                    Thanks for sharing this.I realy think the price was right but i supose that since ue4 come out so fast this ruined your future customers.I hope you manage to create something new for the new engine and shine brighter this time.
                    On the other hand i will try this as i need something to make a menu for my level presentation for the portfolio.Scaleform wasnt realy a option for me...
                    Thank you again for this tool


                      Sylonxe, you are a life savior! Really, I hate working on GUI and it will make my life easier. I'll put a big credit with flashing neon lights in my game credits for this.
                      Thanks, thanks, thanks!


                        I am glad you guys found it useful. I hope it will help you in your projects. If you will have some troubles, just ask here