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[FREE!] KISCAN GUI Framework

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    [FREE!] KISCAN GUI Framework

    What is KISCAN ?

    Kiscan GUI is free framework for Unreal Develoment Kit. It is tool which allows developers to create fully interactive and dynamic user interface. It offers more than 80 custom UnrealScript classes. It primary focuses on designers, so It requires no programming knowledge. All features are accessible in Unreal Editor and Unreal Kismet.

    Why KISCAN ?

    GUI is important part of game. UDK supported only two solutions since now. First is Scaleform which connects UDK and Flash Professional (costs hundreds of dollars). Second solution is Canvas which is pretty old UnrealScript class usable only for programmers. We made our massive framework on top of Canvas and added many custom algorithmes to expose its power to Unreal Editor. Working with Kiscan is fast and reliable because everything is visual and easy for debugging. You can create menus, inventories, overlays, cursors or even 2D Games in a few minutes! Making GUI was never so easy!

    How much does it cost ?

    You just need to put Kiscan reference to credits of your project.

    Let me know if you have some questions.

    hI Skylonxe,

    Does KISCAN support the use of Static/Skeletal Meshes for Gadgets?


      Hello, It does not support rendering 3D mesh to 2D yet, however this is on my huge list of possible features. I originally planed more features for the first version but UE4 is there, so there is not reason for waiting. It is hard time for this project because I don't know if there will be enough interest when UE4 is out.


        UE4 has a long way to go before I would focus entirely on it.

        UDK3 took 6+ years to get where it is today I wouldn't see any less time for UE4.


          Read through it, had a nerdgasm and then realised that i'm going to have to pay for it. Snap.


            I am finishing one free GUI example and then I will finally release it. I hope it will be in a few days, so stay tuned!


              Skylonxe, interesting project, but, unfortunately for you, my current project uses scaleform, But I'm interested in KISCAN.
              I'll look forward at your project. So, launch it!


                Hello guys,

                KISCAN is finally released !

                You can download it on

                Documentation is still WIP, however you can download there free examples. I will answer all your questions. If you want to know what is doable using Kiscan just ask here or at Kiscan forum.

                Making user interface was never so easy! Create good looking AAA complex GUI systems in a few minutes!
                This is huge step for UDK because you can create entire animated UI using just Unreal Editor and Unreal Kismet without programming.


                  Congratulations on the release!Ive been reading in the site and just as a sujestion you shoud realy make a few small video tutorials showing the product in action when you have the time.From what ive read mobile suport is planed and is what is im intereseted.Since ue4 is still so bugy udk is still the best option for ios.I wish you the best of luck and may you have many customers


                    Thank you very much for your support majic12. I appreciate your support. I hope I will add some video tutorials soon. I will add mobile support when there will be enough interest. I would prefer testing it on iOS, however I do not have device so I will need to test it using emulator.


                      Awesome! I struggle with UDK in general and this may help me out. Bought it and I'm assuming all I have to do is add the folders to my current installation of UDK? Does Kiscan allow for nice looking GUIs like those found in Scaleform (which I struggle with even though I have a degree in Flash Game Programming)?


                        Yes, you need to just add kiscan files to your UDK. You can make any GUI. Everything depends on how nice is your 2D texture. GUI can be interactive and animated. Animations are handled using kismet node Value Interpolator. You can see working example in Burned Grunge example GUI solution.

                        I think you will find there many things familiar if you know Flash. Kiscan uses similar principles to Flash.


                          Hi Skylonxe,

                          I bought your tool too. What will be the upgrade price in future?

                          Thanks in advance


                            Hello, thank you very much for your support! All future updates will be automatically added to your Download History and you will be able to download them there for FREE.

                            Let me know if you have more questions


                              Thanks a lot, Skylonxe.

                              Making user interface was never so easy! Create good looking AAA complex GUI systems in a few minutes!
                              This is huge step for UDK because you can create entire animated UI using just Unreal Editor and Unreal Kismet without programming.
                              In fact I know nothing of Kismet and UnrealScript.
                              Could you show us with a jump start video how to create simple (or complex) GUI from scratch in a few minutes after Kiscan are installed properly? (a installation video, if possible)
                              So that others can see how fast, powerful and convenient it is.
                              As there is no trial version, potential customers are interested in demonstration video to help making the decision at first glance.

                              Video for tutorials (with a download link to related files eg.
                              Documentation for details, imo.