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Medusa Pro Released - A 3D Rock Generator

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    Medusa Pro for Unreal Engine 4

    We thought we'd announce that we are currently testing Medusa Pro created models in UE4 and will be releasing tutorials soon.


      Looks brilliant! Thank you!


        Medusa Pro version 1.02 Released

        We've just released version 1.02 of Medusa Pro which has been inspired by user comments. There are lots of extra features requested by customers, such as user defined mouse sensitivity, but the big one is an extra level of randomness for models. Each Medusa Pro model is generated randomly from an underlying shape, a primitive such as a cube or sphere, or an arch, or even a user defined shape. We've now added shape noise so you can control how closely the model conforms to the over-all shape. Small values of shape noise result in distortions to the shape, large values result in interesting protrusions and some quite wacky shapes.

        To illustrate what we mean see the Alien world scene below which features some models created with various amounts of shape noise. We created all the rocks in the scene in Medusa and exported them within 5 minutes. The scene took us about 20 minutes to complete. If you've ever created rock models by hand you'll know that each one can take many hours to make, and UV texturing can be a nightmare. Medusa will let you build scenes quickly an efficiently and allows you to create completely unique models, saving you days or weeks of development.

        There is a free version of Medusa that lets you create boulders and crags of one rock type. The registered version is only $30. You can download Medusa Pro from our website.

        If you have already installed Medusa you can update to the latest version using:

        Please note...updates to Medusa are free and can be applied to the free version of Medusa, however, some of the features can only be exported with the registered version.

        Our first DLC, Volcanic Rock Pack 1 is also available from our website. It features five new rock types for the registered version of Medusa Pro that can generate a huge range of rock models.

        p.s. If you like the skybox, it was created with Space Engine.


          Mountains Rock Pack 1 for Medusa Pro is Released

          It is mysteriously difficult to generate good rock models that don't look just like featureless lumps. Medusa Pro is a rock model generator for UDK/UE4 that used real geological features such as bedding, joints, and folds to generate realistic looking rock models of crags, boulders, arches, columns, spires and even caves. The models produced by Medusa Pro can be imported seamlessly into the world editor complete with automatically generated LODs and collision meshes.

          We've just released our second rock template pack, Mountain Rock Pack 1, which can add five new templates to Medusa Pro of rocks typical of high mountain ranges. An example is shown below:

          Each template in the pack can be used to generate a huge range of models. The templates are:

          Mountain Rock Pack 1 is $10 and requires the registered version of Medusa. A free version of Medusa Pro is available from our website.


            would this program work with Blender at all??
            just asking


              Hi Dragondude,

              It sure does. You can export from Medusa as a Collada for Blender which is straightforward to import.



                Free Rock Template Pack Released

                We've just released a free template pack adding two extra rock templates to Medusa Pro which can be used to randomly generate an enormous range of models. Two models generated from the templates are shown below. The free templates require the registered version of Medusa Pro. The pack is available as a short term promotion. If you've already bought Medusa you can also download and install the templates.

                Medusa Pro, including a free version, and the rock template pack can be downloaded from our website.



                  Beach Rocks Pack 1 Released

                  We've just released our fourth DLC for Medusa featuring five new templates of beach rocks. Each new template can produce a wide range of models since Medusa generates randomized versions at the click of a button. Each template can also be customized using the tools available in Medusa. Included in the new pack are a range of barnacle, limpet and seaweed encrusted rocks to create beach scenes.

                  An example scene created with some models generated from these templates is shown below:

                  Template packs for Medusa Pro are $10 and need the registered version of Medusa Pro.


                  Other Products

                  Forester Pro, the tree and plant creator http:\\forester.php

                  Mr Normal, the normal map creator http:\\mrnormal.php


                    Desert Rock Pack 1 Released

                    We've just released our fifth pack of rock templates, Desert Rock Pack 1. Each template can generate a huge number of different randomized rock models. The textures included with these rock packs were collected in the Moroccan Sahara. The templates are shown below:

                    A scene generated using the rock pack and plants created with our other product Forester Pro, is shown below:

                    Template packs for Medusa Pro cost $10 and require the registered version of Medusa. Templates and Medusa Pro can be downloaded from our website. A free version of Medusa Pro is also available.



                      Version 1.03 Medusa Pro

                      We've just released version 1.03 of Medusa Pro that adds a normal editor allowing the normals on models to be tweaked to preference. There are now editors allowing customisation and editing of individual vertex positions, normals and UV coordinates. As always updates are free. This release also applies to the free version of Medusa Pro.

                      Medusa Pro can be downloaded from our website. A free version of Medusa Pro is available that allows exporting of a limited number of rock types. The registered version of Medusa is $30.


                      An updater is available if you have already installed Medusa.


                        To celebrate the christmas season we'll give you two free tree packs with Forester Pro (Temperate Tree Pack 1 and Conifer Tree Pack 1) and two free rock packs (Mountain Rock Pack 1 and Volcanic Rock Pack 1) with Medusa Pro. These packs add new types of model that can be generated automatically.

                        Medusa and Forester Pro are $30 each. A free version of both applications is available.




                          Ice Pack 1 released for Medusa Pro

                          We've just released our sixth template pack for Medusa Pro, Ice Pack 1, featuring objects for your games such as pinnacles and cliffs consisting of ice. The pack consists of five different templates that can each generate a wide range of randomised models. A scene of an icy moon, created using models generated by the templates are shown below:

                          The Ice Pack 1 template requires the registered version of Medusa Pro and is $10. A free version of Medusa Pro is also available from our website.