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[ilusiva] [Asset Store] Game Marketplace - we need your assets!

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    [ilusiva] [Asset Store] Game Marketplace - we need your assets! is a marketplace focused on game development where developers and artists can buy and sell art, music, code and tools to make the development process faster and cheaper. We create our own content and also invite top artists and developers to sell on our ever growing community.

    Are you a top notch artist willing to make some awesome 3d model/animation/texture to sell in a growing marketplace? Or maybe do you have some spare models from past projects you are willing to sell away?

    We always seek contract work for specific items we want to be on our site. Send us your portfolio for further contact!

    Interested? Check out or contact us at We can schedule a call to make sure you understand everything before joining us.
    Visit and check out our home-made assets. Be one of the first sellers and have extra benefits!

    Martin @ ilusiva content team

    Boy am I interested


      Hi @Kelt'ar Thank you for the interest.

      Let me explain the process a little bit: you sign up in our website then goes to and fill out the form asking to be a seller. you can fill with anything you want.

      Once we approve, you can register each product yourself in our friendly vendor system. After that our marketing team will review each product and come up with suggestions or changes in order to make the product more attractive. But, ultimately, every decision about the product, including the price, is yours. After the last review, will schedule the publishing and send you an email with the date.

      We don't launch two products in the same day, so that each product can have the spotlight in our twitter and facebook accounts.
      After your products sell, you can ask for a payment. Then our finance team will make the transfer through paypal.
      In attachment there's a guideline on how to create a product within our system.

      I'll be glad to answer any kind of questions you might have or help you with anything you need.



        Cool do you have a request system?

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