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3D Buzz particle file?

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    3D Buzz particle file?

    Hi people,

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Mod's, please feel free to move it.

    I am very new to UDK and I'm working my way through the 3D Buzz tutorials. I realise that this isn't the 3D Buzz forums, but I hoped someone here would have found the answer. I can't find the Particle pack he is using. I've searched through various forums and it would seem that it has never appeared.

    Does anyone know if it did eventually get uploaded somewhere or am I going to have to find an alternative to learn the particle system?


    You could also use the fire particle stuff that is included in UDK to learn how to create a fire -> everything is nearly the same, just the particle system is probably a little bit different (some other values)


      Ah, ok. I thought the 3D Buzz stuff was the official videos... or something like that?



        The resources for the 3DBuzz UDK videos should be here: 3DBuzz Videos - Using UDK

        There were some cases where we used an asset that was included in UDK at one point but later removed, though.


          Thanks Jeff,

          So, they might have been around in 2010, but not in any current release? Marvellous!

          He (perhaps, even you?) is using a pack in NewPackages called ParticleDemo (which doesn't seem to be in the and the texture/material/particle system is nowhere in the Content Browser. Perhaps, because of what you say? In particular:-

          fire_2x2 & smoke_2x2 (texture2D)
          M_Fire & M_Fire_Glow (Material)
          PS_Fire (Particle System)

          I presume these files go back a good few years, as a lot of the questions I found regarding where the ParticleDemo pack was, were posted from 2010 onwards.

          I'm not concerned about it, iif they no longer exist... so be it. But if they're in there, I'll be damned if I can find them! Happy to be proved wrong, though.