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[REQUEST] Any good "Game from Scratch" tutorial?

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    [REQUEST] Any good "Game from Scratch" tutorial?


    I`m new to UDK, I was working with Unity3D for a while now and I decided its time to move on to something more advanced.

    The way I learn how to use Unity (or any other programming or CG that I know) is with video tutorials, and the best once are some "Creating a Game from Scratch" series.
    I am trying for a few days now to find a good one for UDK but I cant seem to find any.

    Can you direct me to a good one?
    All I can find focus on Level Design or very specific things, I am looking for a bit more.

    For Unity a few seconds search in Youtube can find you a good series or two that will help you get the flow of the Engine and how to connect each feature...

    Thanks in advance!!

    Hi iPickle,

    Welcome to the forums!

    To help start with UDK i recommend to follow the below tutorials.

    UDK Beginner Series:

    UDK Advanced Series:

    Plus i highly recommend to follow tutorials from GeoDav: and LexLuther1:


      Thank you!
      Will take a look!!


        yeah you didn't try to look very hard there are TONS of tutorials on how to make games from scratch, but most of the best games from scratch are just that. And most are in groups based on HUD,Pawns,Cameras,Controllers etc and wont just be in one place available to copy, paste, profit. Also developing this way has its issues, like relying on others to help you with their code.

        If you want to learn how to make games from scratch i seriously recommend you base your first game or so extending from UT classes and while making that first game, become familiar with workflows of the UDK and study the UT classes very well.
        Most of the time its the things you are not really interested in learning about UScript that help you the most.

        GeoDav is a copy paste type of developer,and theres nothing wrong with that i have learned quite a bit from him, its a great way to learn quickly.
        If that works for you, do it. i did some of that too.

        I guess what im trying to say is, when you cut corners the only person you are cheating is yourself.
        If you feel you are serious about publishing a first game, dont cut corners.
        That's the best advice regarding this topic i can give honestly. More often than not, other peoples code will slow you WAYYY down around mid to late development when your trying to optimize etc
        And i mean that in the most positive way possible. good luck.