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Newbie can't get past importing textures.

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    Newbie can't get past importing textures.

    I've done all the reading, following all tutorials I can find- about 2 days solid of researching. So for the love of god why can't I import anything into UDK?

    I have no idea why or how but I am missing some very important first steps. I create a texture file in Photoshop following 2x2 rule. I go into UDK and create a new material, import the texture file and...nothing. After about 14hrs of importing, creating a new level all together and re-importing (not to mention all the time I spent diligently connecting nodes in the materials panel) I have nothing showing. The texture .tga file is there, it appears in the content browser. All I get is the default squares.

    Also- How in the world do you prep these diffuse/specular/normal maps? I know what they're used for in UDK but how do you CREATE them? I understand Adobe pretty well, been using it for years, but I can't find anything on making the 'normal' maps. (Specular is BW, that's easy enough) I MUST be missing a step somewhere.

    I got a new system so I could run UDK and now I can't seem to get past step 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I wish there was a smiley face icon for "standing over your PC with a hammer menacingly while cursing it's existence"

    How to create normal/specular maps ->

    How to create a material:

    1. create your texture e.g choose a size of 512x512
    2. Import it into a package
    3. Right click into the package - create new material
    4. drag and drop your texture into the material editor
    5. connect it with diffuse
    6. drag and drop/apply the material to a mesh


      Thanks for the link! A simple plugin was all I needed for the normal maps, so that's solved.

      Here's the hitch- I do everything you listed above and it's goes great until the material editor part. I put in my texture samples then connect the nodes appropriately, saving my progress. There should be a preview of the material in the preview window and all I ever see is the default indigo/white squares. The textures are there, imported, in their own package, as is the new material I'm creating, in it's own package. It just doesn't appear at all, even if I drag and drop the material onto a mesh in the scene (level in this case). If I do I just get the default squares.

      Honestly this process is very simple but I can't understand what I'


        is it possible for you to upload the texture so we can examine it and possibly see whats wrong?!


          agreed, this makes no sense... after your texture is imported into package (then right click and 'fully load' and 'save' package)... right click directly on the texture you want and choose 'create new material'... then open the new material that was just created

          when the material editor starts up, your texture should be in the top left corner... drag it into the scene and connect it (the top rbg black plug) to the 'diffuse' plugin... and tell us what happens

          edit... i realize difuse has only one 'f'... but it should have two! lol...


            actually "diffuse" with two f is right! i donno why you doubt it!


              hey, you're right i just checked it... ha!!... now where did i see diffuse with one 'f'... you know thats going to bother me all day now