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Need some help with a Boss battle

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    Need some help with a Boss battle

    Hi everyone, first post, I hope that's not something discussed in another post (searched and nothing)

    I'm trying to implement a boss battle:
    1. Boss is way bigger than the player. A big steampunk robot.
    2. The boss don't move, they are in a circular room and he only rotates to look at the player and fire a flamethrower from his hand
    3. His only weak point is a spot in his chest, protected by a piece of armour that opens when another spot in the room is hit several times

    Combat Loop: Look at player (rotates around himself) >> Fire at Player >> Player Hits Room Target >> Chest opens >> Player Hits Weak Spot >> Takes Damage >> Chest closes >> Look at Player... until the Boss reachs zero health points.

    I have the skelmesh, the animations and I'm working in a AnimTree and PhAt. (I must work in a AnimTree in this particular case?).

    I can use the rocket launcher or one of the beam weapons to test, so how to attach the effect to the boss hand? Custom weapon + socket right? Or a simple 'attach to actor' and 'spawn projectile' will do the trick?

    I must use a custom UTPawn? How to implement the AI in this case? Can I "kismet" the whole thing?

    Can someone help or point in the right direction? I've tried to use the auto turret implementation without success...

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        Your question is a pretty big question to answer =x - Doesn't seem to be an easy thing to implement.

        I'm no expert, but this is what I would do:

        I would separate the Boss itself from it's weak spot. On PostBegin Play I would register one with the other, so they know how to talk to each other.

        The weak spot would be a invisible cube with collision, it would be placed where the weak spot is on the boss. Could use Attachment to make sure it moves with the boss and stays where it should be.

        On the weak spot I would put a Bool that says if it should accept hits or not.


        Combat Loop: Look at player (rotates around himself)
        - Iterate looking for Player Controllers, register the player as target.
        - Set Focus to player.
        Fire at Player
        (I'm imagining this attack like this, not sure if this is what you have in mind)

        - Add a Socket to where the fire should originate from. On the animation of him firing add the particle effects you want the flamethrower to have.
        - Considering you registered the player as target, Get his Location, Get the Location/Rotation of your socket that throws fire.
        - Do a VSize to see how far from the socket he is, and do a Dot Product to see where it is in relation to the socket (Is he in front of it? On the side? Behind?)
        - (For more information on how to do that go to and search for "...find where B is in relation to A")
        - If he is within range, give damage to him.
        Player Hits Room Target
        - On the Room Target actor make it find the Boss and toggle a ChestOpen function or something on it.
        Chest opens
        - Toggle a bChestOpen on the pawn itself, use a BlendByProperty on the animtree to open the chest (BlendByProperty using bChestOpen that you just toggled on). Also Toggle the bool on the Weak Point that will enable damage taking.
        Player Hits Weak Spot
        Takes Damage
        - Either the WeakSpot itself has the health and will take damage, or you can use the connection between them for the weak spot to give damage to the boss itself.
        Chest closes
        - After damage is taken, Set the bChestOpen to false again.
        Look at Player...


          Ya Ya Cthulhu Fhtagn!

          Thank you, sir! I'll have to research a lot of things, but at least I know what to search for

          I'll post the progress here. Thanks again!