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    Beginner looking for tutorials

    So i've installed UDK, and now i want to learn how to properly use it. I searched for some tutorials and find a lot, like MetalGameStudios, but they're loose, i think they aren't for beginners.

    Anyone recommends me a basic tutorial, a basic start at UDK? Things like codding..

    Hey there,

    This is probably one of your better places to start:

    3D Buzz has a great set of video tutorials that are a good place to start for beginners. The really nice thing about this author is that he doesn't talk down to you, he talks to you. That's always a good thing when you're starting out.

    Another Youtube user is raven67854. I found his foundational videos very helpful. You can watch them here:

    UDN also has a community repository set up as well so you're given a multitude of ways to expand your knowledge of Unreal:

    When you get to more advanced topics like animation, Wraith has some pretty amazing stuff that will help you out.

    These links aren't by any means aren't a complete guideline, but they should give you some excellent starting points and some confidence with how to move forward with your ideas.

    Good luck!


      Thanks, i'll try these tutorials.


        There are also some good tutorials on geodavs youtube channel -> just search on youtube (type in geodav ^^)