Kia ora!

I don't spend enough time here (and it shows...), but my friend and I are developing a UDK title in our spare time called Broken Planet - also the name of our company, and we blog about it sometimes.

A publishing company, Packt, have offered us at Broken Planet 3 eBook copies of their title HLSL Development Cookbook, to give away to the 3 most interesting (or intriguing? Amusing?) comments, saying why you're most interested to get your hands on a copy. I'll be interested to see what the comments are, because I don't know what HLSL is except that it stands for high level shading language, I'm going to hold off learning any more about it 'til I've seen the comments, it'll be more entertaining that way. Tell me how/why it's useful knowing about this as a content and level designer working with the UDK.

We'll choose the 3 after 1 week, and we'll contact by e-mail, so make sure there's a live one connected to your comment.

So if this eBook sounds right up your alley, give us a comment here or on our blog about why you find this title interesting and want a copy - cheers!


* edit * Welp, no interest here, but that's OK, maybe next time!