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    Phasing moon

    I have been documenting my latest attempt to put a moon in the sky of my games in udk. I want the moon to cycle through its phases and be in the day sky with the sun. I have touched on this before a couple years ago I think on these forums But I wasn't happy with how it ended up. So here I am again and in the end of these videos I will have gone over a couple ways you can do it. This first method I am working out as an attempt to run easily in any game. I have two other methods one is very waistfull. The goal is not just good looking moon but also with good framerate. Anyway a couple of the vids are kinda long sorry bout that wanted to touch on everything I did so anyone else wanting to do the same, can.

    Here are links to the vids
    An intro.
    Part 1 creating the custom skydome mesh, and moon textures.
    Part 2
    UDK Material and Matinee setup, ect.
    Part 3

    Well there you go take it or leave it, I putting it out there because... why shouldn't our games have better moons in them? Its a bit of a work in progress I know, so please if you check it out and have some questions or ideas I'd like to hear em.

    Very cool concept

    It would be nice if the next version of the UE dev tools offered weather, day/night, phases, etc via the world properties similar to the CryEngine devtools but with more depth