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KismetKit Bonus Pack R1 for UDK

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    KismetKit Bonus Pack R1 for UDK

    This unofficial bonus pack for Unreal Development Kit includes several new or enhanced kismet nodes plus new actor types to bring new functionality to your projects. KismetKit Bonus Pack Release 1 for UDK includes:

    KKR1DressableActor (available in Actor Classes tab)
    This placeable modular skeletalmesh actor allows cinematic creators and filmmakers to easily create characters equippable with clothing, hair, accessories and more, all of which functions with the matinee system allowing independent animation and morphs per element, in a single moveable character. (documentation coming soon)

    KKR1IconizedTrigger (available in Actor Classes tab)
    Now you can customize triggers with their own beacon icons which appear in game, rather than being required to associate them with a mesh of any kind. By modifying depth priority, these can be used as always-visible level waypoint beacons and more.

    Get Mouse Position (Kismet Action)
    Returns X and Y coordinates as independent integers, allowing for drawing both 2d and 3d custom mouse cursors and very useful as a basis for object interaction systems.

    Get Screen Resolution (Kismet Action)
    Returns the screen X and Y resolution values as independent integers, allowing for many custom UI behaviors to be programmed directly in kismet.

    Super Draw Text (Kismet Action)
    Allows setting Message X and Y offset via variable inputs, as well as percentage based positioning which functions in any resolution (documentation coming soon).

    Modify Actor Scale (Kismet Action)
    Change the scale of actors on the fly including collision, to achieve interesting puzzles or level challenges.

    Save Object State (Kismet Action)
    Allows game save functionality via kismet.

    Load Saved Object State (Kismet Action)
    Allows game load functionality via kismet.

    Super Get Property (Kismet Action)
    Enhances UDK’s Get Property node by allowing the returning of vector properties.

    Super Modify Property (Kismet Action)
    Enhances UDK’s Modify Property node by allowing modification of vector properties.

    Super Attach to Actor (Kismet Action)
    Enhances UDK’s Attach to Actor functionality by allowing relative rotation to be set via an exposed vector variable.

    Launch URL (Kismet Action)
    Allows webpages to be launched to a browser window from a trigger etc in-game.

    Install Instructions:
    1. Place .u file in UDKGame/Scripts folder. With your game and editor CLOSED, open UDKGame/Config/UDKEngine.ini, find “EditPackages” entries and add EditPackages=KismetKitR1

    2. Place "KismetKitR1" folder and contents into your UDK installation's Development/Src folder.

    3. Recompile scripts and start the editor (it may ask you to do so in any case).


    Apologies to anyone who has downloaded this and had problems, I accidentally omitted a step in the installation instructions. It should read:

    Install Instructions: Place .u file in UDKGame/Scripts folder. With your game and editor CLOSED, navigate to UDKGame/Config/UDKEngine.ini find "EditPackages" entries and add EditPackages=KismetKitR1 then save and restart the editor.



      It seems there is still an issue with the actors not appearing under the actor tab, but the kismet nodes should function. If anyone has any tips on why the actors don't appear (for instance the KKR1DressableActor under SkeletalMeshes) on other computers though they do on the PC I developed it on, please drop me a line.


        Thank you for your contribution! However I cannot seem to get it to work. I get the error:

        Warning, Can't find files matching C:\UDK\UDK-2013-02\Binaries\Win32\..\..\Development\Src\KismetKitR 1\Classes\*.uc

        Any suggestions?


          :S I have done this procedure myself on a pc without the source files and had no such issue. well, if it comes down to it I will include the source but that seems odd to have to do..


            I get the same error as Surrealness, i found out that when you recompile, it deletes everything in the script folder and rebuilds it from the source files. So when are you releasing the source files? =)


              In my PC neither under ActorsClasses nor in Kismet does the developed kit appear


                I will update the package with the source soon guys. I will keep you posted.


                  Alright, I have repackaged the zip with source included. Please read the updated instructions, redownload from link above (the download link on the page is now a direct link for your convenience).

                  Let me know how it works. Thanks.


                    I wish launch URL worked in much older builds, thanks for this contribution though!


                      Pretty sure it works in builds going back about 2 years. Why anyone would want to stick with builds that old by now is beyond me, so much extremely useful stuff has been added.


                        Yeah i've been using a build about 2.5 years old, since most of the updates are things I don't need surprisingly. It's also extremely stable. I still use the newer builds for other projects though.


                          Editor actor tree is derived from the udkgame/script/manifest.txt. This gets updated on compile. So you'll have to include source and then either include the manifest or require that users recompile scripts or something, afaik.


                            Thanks for the explanation. That's what I did in my last update so hopefully should be all good now.


                              Why do you include .u file ? Does it have some hidden C++ code ?