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Kevin?! Kevin!??! MOM???! KEVIN!!!!!!

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    Kevin?! Kevin!??! MOM???! KEVIN!!!!!!


    First of all, I'm not a concept artist, or a programmer, so unfortunately I cannot offer strikingly vivid paintings or such of my idea. But hear me out, my idea is simple in concept, a fully dynamic horror game. By this I mean ,
    1. The player spawns in a random location.
    2. There is no set standard enemy, or number of enemies.
    3. There is no objective other than survive.
    4. There can be up to 4 players, who may work together, or kill each other. ( while being hunted)

    I've already got all of the background stories worked out, also already have my concepts for game-play mechanics and what-not, I'll put that all down at the bottom. Right then
    back to my sales pitch. The map is a forest at night, ( a real beacon of originality, I know) the map is small enough to not murder slow computers but still generally large enough to
    include a small mountain and a small lake. The map has some roads running through it as well, as there are two vehicles that can be driven on the map , ( bringing me to the next point).
    The player can choose from 4 characters. Each of the four (Daniel, Talon, Mark, Alex) has 4 items/abilities 2 of them are unique to the character. For example, Mark is a car mechanic,
    therefore he can fix the two vehicles on the map and drive them. This is his unique ability and no other character has it. While Daniel, being a detective, spawns with a pistol, this is unique
    to him, (no, infinite ammo does not exist here.). Now the players can work together here, bringing all of their cards to the table, or they could work against each other using their respective
    powers. Now at this point nothing really sounds shockingly different from other games, just 4 players different powers blah blah blah left for dead island and all that ( see how I avoided using
    copyrights? clever right) well here we go. This next part is my flagship.

    As I previously mentioned, the player spawns in random locations on the map. In most games there is a set antagonist or at least number of antagonists. Not here man. Every time the player
    starts a new game a random enemy will be chosen to spawn, from a list of pre-made enemies using a system similar to a random number generator. Not only will a random enemy be chosen
    more than one could be selected from the list. After the one or ones are chosen, the game will either spawn one of each or between 1-20 of each, again by random selection. Some of the
    enemies I envision could be anything from silhouettes to zombies to weird spider-human-outpatient-things. Also if you're reading this and happen to think "Hey I'm an incredibly talented handsome concept artist! I have some ideas for this!" feel free to skip to my email at the bottom, and we can get something going. Anyways on to the pretty stuff.



    (don't judge me I'm not Stephen King)

    A secret organization known as "The Company" which is totally not the CIA, is conducting a psychological experiment. For this experiment they will put 4 test subjects in a controlled
    environment to test their will to live, and how they work together and some other stuff I will make up later. Anyways they kidnapped 4 subjects from all walks of life. Each subject has
    their own specific set of skills that they will be forced to use to survive. Whether they all use their skills together, or work against each other to eliminate the competition will be up to them.
    The Company will let who ever is alive at the end, (settable by host, from 5 to 25 minutes) go free.

    -- side note: if this game gets any attention, I hope to add more maps/enemies/characters but for now I'm taking the realistic approach just to see if people will help me.


    Daniel Murray: Daniel was just a narcotics detective from New York, when he joined the force he was what they call an "honest cop". That changed a long time ago. In the pocket of Cartels , and Mafias and anyone else who was paying. Daniel was torn between alimony payments and high debt, what choice did he have right? One night Daniel stopped in a small diner for some coffee. He didn't show up for work the next day. The Cartels thought the Mafia killed him and the Mafia thought the Cartels killed him, mainly though, few noticed his absence.

    -Physical description (hey concept artists, this is where I need you guys!)
    White,male dark hair,
    Average to good physical shape
    Dressed in dark nondescript clothes with a badge on his belt ( like a black trench-coat or something not the flasher kind though)
    slight bit of a beard

    - Abilities
    - .45 Semi-auto pistol and 16 rounds
    - Flashlight
    - Melee weapons*
    - Tazer

    Mark Hearsh: Mark was in the war, doesn't matter which one, it's over now. He was more lucky than most of his comrades though. Got back, opened up a little mechanics shop.
    Didn't get rich, didn't go broke. Never got to family, didn't have time for it, or a need for it, or even a want for it. Quintessentially a loner, a few spare customers were the only ones
    that noticed when mark never came to work, after stopping at a gas station for some coffee. And they just assumed the ******* had died somewhere.

    -Physical description
    -African-American male
    -Not very old, but certainly not young
    -In surprisingly good shape for his age
    -wearing the old torn clothes of a poor man

    -Can fix and drive cars
    -Melee weapons*

    Alex Morlyn: Alex was your typical college student, stayed up late, went to parties, overall she was a average kid. But behind closed doors Alex liked to steal things, break into places
    sh didn't belong. And she was good at it too. When stealing laptops from other students got boring she rose through some ranks and ended up on a team of professional thieves. Because of
    this she frequently went on "roadtrips" by herself for days at a time. So when Alex's flight took a major detour, nobody even noticed.

    -Physical Description
    -Young white female
    -Blonde hair
    -Wearing casual clothing
    -has a bag or satchel of some kind

    -Can open most doors (via lock picking, not an actual mechanic just the implication of it.)
    -Melee weapons*

    Talon: Talon wasn't like the rest. You see, Talon works for the company, or he did at least. Not much is known about Talon. The only major point is that he made a mistake, and in this
    "industry" those don't get to happen. So Talon took up spot number 4 instead of involuntary retirement.

    -Physical Description
    -Young white male
    -Clean cut
    -Wearing a black casual suit with a blue shirt
    -dark hair

    -Suppressed pistol

    *Melee weapons - things like planks or pipes found around the map
    *Melee - Unique to Talon, includes punches and kicks


    First of all, this is first person. Second of all you cannot kill the enemy, simply scare it or them away using light or gunshots or throwing things at them etc. . Third of all the weapons
    are primarily for use against each other as people are pretty in-altruistic. A big part of this game is lighting. There really isn't much more I can say, I don't expect tons of programmers and
    modelers to come help out instantly. But hopefully a concept artist will come along and help make my vision more presentable. If you are a talented artist/programmer/modeler/character artist/environmental artist/level designer, I would love your help with this. My contact information is below, if you wish to help me get this going, shoot me an email or a pm. As a sitrep
    right now I'm making some really badly drawn maps to use as a basis for the map. I've already got a few major things modeled like a ranger watchtower for the mountain, and a few other
    buildings. But other than that I have nothing so far. So.... any help would be grand Cheers!

    --Also if you don't want to help but have a suggestion feel free to let me know! Also I still need a name for this project any ideas?