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    Dynamic sunlight

    Hello there,i have often asked,but not in this part of the forum,i am a little newbie,and i have finished my game half,but i dont know how to create this dynamic sunlight such as the lightening in the midday template, i know the tutorial here

    but i dont know wehre i can get the nodes,and wehre i must put the inputs and outputs etc etc,so i ONLY know i have a skydome with a material,than i must open the material editor,and thats all waht i know i am very very deserate

    Thanks.All the best

    The tutorial you gave will solve your problem?? Unless im misunderstanding you.


      that pdf explains how the materials are affected via dominant directional light(DDL) creating the "sun disc".
      If you are asking how to animate the rotation of that "sun" dominant directional light, you need to use matinee.
      I also suggest forming a Material instance time or time varying material to make a moon/night also.
      If you open the night template and look at the settings from the DDL you can see how the transition in each aspect would occur and build accordingly.

      Over all, my best bet to answering your question is you need to study the material editor and its usage.

      Ready and study every link on this page