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Can anybody teach me how to make a Adventure Game

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    Can anybody teach me how to make a Adventure Game

    Hey guys, so I created this thread to you help me,if you can, to create a Adventure Game in Tomb Raider style.
    I have the model in UDK with all textures etc but I want to know how I can make this in UDK:

    I give more details to the character, I want know how use 2 bump maps and separate them using the mask, I already have the mask and already put the 2 bump maps in the node editor but I want to separate them like in this picture!

    How I can make a Hair physic to my character like this one:
    I mean the braid, Cloth tutorial maybe?!
    I'm making some animations like running etc and I want to know how make the hair mobe freely!
    I have a 3DS Animation, pivot point animation, how can I import to my character?!

    you need to PHOTOSHOP alpha channel to control the normal maps.

    "You Must Recolor It To B&W Like This"

    Also, im sure plenty would love you help you make an adventure style game like Tomb raider, but approaching it from this method of detail from the start is not going to give you answers you want.

    Mostly full-scale games take months to years to create with full teams working 24/7 swapping shifts and in many cases in different development studios based all over the world.

    I think you should start be studying the UDK and Unreal script for at least a year before you try to make a full game and ill say that to any one.
    Although I dont mean to crush your dreams you do need to have a very solid understanding of everything that needs to happen in order for your game to become a reality without being incomplete, lacking features, or just looking like another very poor WIP lara croft emulator.

    Study hard and your dreams will catch up later!


      Is it just me or is Lara making a derp face?