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Curved hollowed cylinder

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    Curved hollowed cylinder

    Hi, I got a problem with curved cylinder. Basically I dont know how to do it. I tried to repeat and rotate it to look more like curved cylinder but I missed the point.

    My point is to create subway (just like metro2033).

    Originally posted by Ravier View Post
    My point is to create subway (just like metro2033).
    that was an awesome game.

    for a curved tunnel it would be easier to make it in a 3D modelling program as sections then import the sections and put them together, they would also be reusable so you could make more of your level a lot faster then using the builder brush.


      Rule of thumb #1
      If it isn't [solid|convex|simple] you shouldn't be using brushes/CSG.

      Rule of thumb #2
      You probably shouldn't be using brushes/CSG.


        Well then I made an object in 3ds max but i got a problem with this (I dont really know how to name it). Here it is:

        I want to cut red bordered object out. I tried to subtract it by Boolean but it doesnt work with bended tubes. Any ideas?

        I tried to make it with cylinder. It doesnt work either.


          for a train tunnel you could just make an elongated torus and delete the verts you don't want leaving you with a perfectly curved tube.


            Boolean subtraction is nothing but trouble.

            I would reduce the model complexity and use a subsurface modifier (I think it's TurboSmooth in Max?). Your cylinder will then only need 8 vertices around the circumference, making it easier to work with manually. Subsurf will take care of the extra polygons dynamically.

            There's an old Blender tutorial for pipe junctions here which works with this technique.

            Also for thickness I'm sure Max has some form of solidify modifier?


              Thanks! I got what I wanted!

              One more question and this thread can be closed.
              How can I see how big objects will be in UDK after exporting it? I google it but there were no solution because 3dsmax has no pixel in Units Setup. As far I know UDK doesnt support centimeters or milimeters.


                in most 3D software 1 unit is the same size as 1 unreal unit (UU), so if you want a pipe 100cm wide and you are using the scale 1UU = 1CM make the pipe 100 units wide, if your using the scale of 1UU = 2CM it would only need to be 50 units wide, so it all depends on what scale you are using.