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Water Flow For UDK

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  • Water Flow For UDK

    Last few months I was working on "Water Flow" feature, and now its done.
    So, finalizing this thread, I create tutorial, about all production process of this feature.

    Video with final result of tutorial.

    Tutorial document

    Archive with all assets

    Update 04/15/2013. Maybe, for now, it can be named "Version 1.0".
    - document structure has been changed, but it's almost the same that was.
    - fixed issue with Rotator. For now, texture's rotation not influence on flow.
    - added description about creating flow in Houdini using curves (see Appendix A).
    - added scene with curves examples.
    - assets saved in February 2013 UDK BETA2.
    - IMPORTANT! flow map calculation has been changed:

    Early, flow map calculation formula was:
    ($NX*0.5 + 0.5, -$NZ*0.5 + 0.5, 0)
    and it was multiplied on (1; -1) in shader.

    Now, calculation formula is
    ($NX*0.5 + 0.5, $NZ*0.5 + 0.5, 0)
    and, in shader, Flow Power multiplied on (-1).
    old variant also works fine, but new one more optimized.

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    I was just trying to figure out how to do this. This is great! Thanks for the contribution!


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      As I can see, no one have interest for this thread.
      For now, I can't find any reason for continue this tutorial for DX11 tesselation or procedural flow maps.

      I finished my work with last update.
      Thank you for your time.


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        I didn't even notice this thread

        This is amazing and thank you for your time documenting and releasing this.


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          The best looking water I have seen in UDK


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            Hi redbox I just want to say thank you for this thread and the time you've put into this, even if not a lot of people have followed this thread. I am doing a final year project at uni and have spend a long time trying to model water for an environment but to no avail. This has been massively useful so thank you again!


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              Just wanted to say thanks, looks really good and should prove extremely valuable to my project.


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                thanks guys, you are welcome.


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                  Originally posted by redbox View Post
                  thanks guys, you are welcome.
                  If you make a video tutorial for setting this up redbox, I'll link people to it on YouTube..Its an amazing piece of work you've done here


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                    Originally posted by Lexluthor1 View Post
                    If you make a video tutorial for setting this up redbox, I'll link people to it on YouTube..Its an amazing piece of work you've done here
                    If I?
                    Man, I give you complete document and example content.
                    What else do you need?
                    Learn to read.


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                      Nice Work.. Thanks


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                        So, I was having issues getting HOT to work with Houdini 12.5 for Normals generation. Interestingly enough, they released 12.5 with Ocean FX built in. Granted, I don't know how it compares to HOT, but I was able to get Normals generation no problem. Here are the steps I took to getting it to view (using basically the same exact settings from redbox's document):

                        1) Create the following:

                        Translation = 0, 128, 0.
                        Rotate = -90, 0, 0.
                        Icon Scale = 100.
                        Resolution = 1024*1024.
                        Aperture = 100.

                        Ambient Light:
                        Ambient color = 1, 1, 1.
                        Light Intensity = 1.

                        Size = 512*512.
                        Rows/Columns = 512*512.

                        2) Select the grid, go to deform (should be top left toolbar), and click on "Ocean Waves"
                        3) Adjust nodes as per redbox's document!

                        As for adjusting the waves, some fields are different or simply non-existent. Check out the oceanspectrum node for all your ocean tweaking needs =]


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                          Thanks a tonne for this Redbox, I'm not familiar with Houdini at all so struggling through it... but it'll be worth it in the end I'm sure!

                          If I manage to make my way through and learn enough, I might make a full step-by-step video tutorial unless somebody more knowledgeable is able to do so.


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                            Good job Redbox!


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                              Best water I've seen in UDK, cheers for making this and sharing the how-to knowledge!