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UDK Velociraptor Test

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  • UDK Velociraptor Test

    Hi Guys

    For one of the uni projects i was tasked with creating a prehistoric creature that was modelled, rigged using CAT rigging, a few animations and then finally importing and setting it up in engine. I have completed this task and just need to test it now so if any of you were willing to give it a download and test it and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just extract into the udk folder and it should all work, look at the readme if there are any problems.

    Download Link:


  • #2
    the model and textures look great.
    Cant REALLY tell but poly count looks good too.


    • #3
      Thanks for the feedback Zahadam The poly count is 11980 Tris as we had a limit of 12k for the entire project.


      • #4
        download link don't work


        • #5
          no screenshots and the link is dead i guess


          • #6
            Link worked fine for me and I downloaded it, but then saw it was an executable and got scared off from installing it. What are we supposed to be testing any ways?


            • #7
              That isn't an executable, it is a .rar file that needs to be extracted. I just downloaded it, have it in UDK. Looks good although I was expecting to see a bite or scratch animation of some kind. The two animations it comes with are decent, although I think the foot movement in the idle is a bit excessive. Overall good job.


              • #8
                Ha that's neat. You definately need to make biting animations.

                Texture work in the mouth looks a bit too pinkish and bright, in a game though no one will probably notice. It ragdolls nicely.


                • #9
                  Yeah the one thing I noticed was the mouth is very bright, that raptor has some pretty white teeth for a vicious carnivore. Other than that, it looks great.