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    UE3 Tool

    UE3 Tool

    I originally created this tool to help with network testing but then I just kept going, adding to the application with any idea that came to mind, or anything that I felt was repetitive to access, such as my projects development source directory. This tool may look like a recreation of the "Unreal Frontend" but it's more than that (and at this moment two features less than that), it provides an easy way to quickly test during your game development process. Quickly launch a server, connect a client or two, build and/or run, access several directories that you most commonly use, access UDN pages for help/reference, access Log files or clear them out completely, and so on.

    I never had plans to release this to the public, thinking there is no real use to anyone, but I also just figured while having a conversation with TheAgent that it wouldn't hurt to release for anyone whom could find use for this tool. That being said, the application originally wasn't built for anything "user-friendly," so I've adjusted it as much as possible for this release. I've been given some really good feature requests that will be available on the next update.

    I've provided a help document in PDF format with the tool (About -> Help) that stresses the importance of defining your ROOT UDK installation directory before attempting to use the tool, so I have to say it again here; please select the root directory path to your UDK installation before using. If you're using the latest November UDK release, and if you didn't change that directory, you would select: "C:\UDK\UDK-2011-11" as your root UE3 Path when clicking the folder icon.

    As explained in the About -> Help document, I can provide support, but I cannot devote my time to it, as like many others on this forum, I have a project I'm building and we're close to final release. I would appreciate anyone giving us some support by visiting, sign up, post, and so on. This is the first time I'm actually advertising the link, so expect some tumbleweeds on your first visit, but we will be there.

    I'm providing a direct download link to a RAR file, in the next release a installer will be provided, hopefully this is okay for the time being.

    I hope developers out there will find some use for this tool, let me know of any problems you may have, and I wish everyone luck on making their projects a reality.

    Version 2.7
    This version provides very basic cooking which was needed by our project. To use the basic cooker, open up the settings, under "Cook" fill in the "Maps" portion with your list of maps, for example:

    Maps: Level1 Level2 Level3

    Various bug fixes.

    This update also marks the end of version "2.x" and the beginning build of version "3.x" which will be a whole new application that will focus on more than being a simple programming tool. The tool will be vastly upgraded to be more about total game development tool.

    Version 2.6

    Provided a couple new features that I had time to do and once I have more time I'll be able to add the other suggested features. Soon I would like to get started on the larger features that I have listed before but that is hard to tell with the current project development.

    - Listen Server:
    Is now provided as a button on the interface. I don't ever really use listen server so hopefully everything is correct as I've only tested it a couple times. If anyone has any issues please let me know the details of those issues so that I may fix them promptly.

    - Local IP:
    I've provided a toggling option with the file menu that simply states if you'd like to use your real IP or a local host IP ( For anyone behind a router with the engines ports blocked you won't be able to test using your real IP, until you unblock those ports, or now you can use the local host IP option.

    - Misc:
    I cleaned up a lot about the application. These are mostly changes you wouldn't really see. I actually have to go to the next step in polishing and organization to make it much easier to add/remove features.

    Version 2.5

    Released to the public. This is a beta version since I had changed a lot to make it public ready. Please let me know of any bugs or any suggestions you may have.
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    Thanks for this tool, it will be helpful for my friends and I!


      This looks to be very promising for us indie devs. Thank You for releasing it to us all.


        No Listen Server? :O

        Nice and handy little tool though ^^


          Not a problem guys, hopefully you'll find a good use for it.

          Noted, Omar, thanks for pointing that out. I'll be adding that with a few other features that have been suggested to me.


            Please note that this tool uses your IP address when network testing. If your router is blocking the ports used by the engine then you will not be able to connect. I will be releasing an update tomorrow that lets you use an optional localhost port (, along with a couple other features.

            Thanks all whom have sent me suggestions for this tool.


              Tool has been updated (to version 2.6) and the original post updated to display those changes.


                Awesome work and thanks a bunch for this, it looks like it'll help a good bit for quick network tests.


                  Thank you for releasing this tool!


                    Not a problem guys. Sorry for the late reply, the forums marked this topic read to me, even though I didn't see these replies.

                    An update is coming up in a few days, which is an update that most likely marks the last time of uploading an update for this version, because I'm planning on rebuilding the entire application to support some planned features. The last of the features to make it into this version provides very basic cooking.

                    Version "2.x" is soon coming to a close, and the beginning build of version "3.x" is coming soon.

                    Planned 3.0 Features:

                    Process Management
                    This will allow the application to only be ran once, instead of multiple times, but it will also help for a more proper "Build and Run" execution. It will also aid in ensuring your server has been properly closed and help avoid specific command prompt windows.

                    Logging Window
                    An optional feature, but the goal of this (combined with the above) is to avoid command prompt windows as much as possible.

                    Full cooking ability as would be experienced with "Unreal Frontend."

                    Project Management
                    Bug Reporting/Tracking, Task Management, Milestones, Calendar Events, User Management, Design/Technical Documentation Management; with Web communication (web-based project management system will also be provided).

                    SVN management from the tool, including a selectable folder for automated synchronizing (to mimic Dropbox style behavior).

                    Project Backup
                    Automated project backup with options where to store the backup (FTP, Email, SVN, All).

                    There are more planned features but those are the major features that are worth mentioning. I also had plans/ideas to provide an IDE but that is increasing becoming rather pointless with all the available options coming out. I'll be keeping it in mind though, since debugging would be rather easy to implement due to the combined planned features.

                    I'm also accepting feature requests as long as they are reasonable and fitting for most projects. I try to come up with features that are fitting to artists but I'm not very good at that; so artist based suggestions are greatly welcomed.

                    Thanks to all whom have replied and I hope the tool has been useful to you.


                      Cant wait! This is gonna be cool.


                        This is a tool that every dev should have in their arsenal. Thanks for developing it for us.


                          Thanks for that comment, Archie_Vision. I figured it was extremely useful in multiple aspects and enables you to be a bit faster while working with UDK. Sure, it may save a few seconds, maybe even a few seconds per usual action, but that time adds up.

                          Version 2.7 has been released and indeed marks the beginning for version 3.0. I will be releasing the alpha version of 3.0 fairly soon.


                            Very handy little tool, quite a time saver


                              Moved this topic over to Programming and Unrealscript