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    My Game Prototype Source Code

    So Well this is My Game prototype that i did in about 6 weeks for my School Final Project Your free to use the code on non commercial and commercial games But if you use it on a commercial game Just be sure to give me the credit and thats it Well here are some instructions about Whats insidie

    The whole game is basicly an First Person Shooter with some RPG Elements

    Leveling,Skill Points,Skills weapon upgrades etc

    I also added my weapon base wich contains

    Weapon Spread,Iron Sights,Upgrades,Attachments(such as custom iron sights,magazines etc) and reloading

    it also uses the sapitu system for character saving and loading

    and i uploaded my HUD Packages so your free to use it as template and modify it to create your own

    As last here is a tutorial about how to install it

    UPK Packages(contains HUD)

    Drop them on UDKGame/Content

    Source Code

    Drop it on /Developentment/Src/MyMod Folder

    And drop the UDKGame Folder on well your UDK installation folder

    Dont worry about the UDKGame thing it wont reemplase any of your files its just the sapitu system files with out this if you try to play on MyGame gametype it will crash

    So well thats it also here are some small commands you would liek to check

    ShowMenu --Shows Skill/Character status menu

    CreateChar charactername Creates a character that you can level up and get skill points to upgrade your character such as (Faster Weapon Reloading),Faster Sprinting and less weapon spread

    and Nothing else thats pretty much everything Any questions feel free to send me a PM or comment it on the tread

    PD:If your going to use the weapon system your weapon NEED to have the following animations in order to work properly

    WeaponFire-- self explanatory

    WeaponReload-- animation of the weapon itself reloading

    WeaponZoomIn Animation of the weapon Aiming down the sight aka going to the center of the screen

    WeaponZoomIdle-- Animation of the weapon idle while aiming down the sight

    WeaponZoomFire --Anim of the weapon firing while aiming down the sight

    WeaponZoomLeave--Anim of the weapon leaving the iron sight

    Thanks for sharing!


      Thanks a lot mate.


        Have not downloaded it yet. But i will check it out.

        Sounds like a good help, and thanks for sharing!


          Hey mate, thanks for the source, im sure many people will find it very useful!

          Do you have a video of all the different elements in your project? even screenshots will help, Some people might like to see what it does before they download it.

          Thanks again.


            Alvarofer, Very cool. Cheers for the share with the community.


              hey man so I put everything in the right folders, but now what do I do? start the editor or what?


                You recompile the code start the editor Choose MyGame as gametype and start using it


                  Do you have any videos or pictures of the end result?


                    remove for violation


                      Yeah i just noticed and badly i cant put up any videos becouse i alredy deleted the code and the content from my HD


                        If anyone has the code can they re-up it please ? i NEED this so much will be very greatful thanks


                          Yes, if anyone has the code and is kind enough to re-upload it, please do. This would be an extreme aid for my current project. Very helpful.


                            Actually i found a copy of the source code but no UPK Files aka you have to rebuild most of the content on your own later ill check,Fix and comment the code so its easy to use for everyone


                              Originally posted by alvarofer0021 View Post
                              Actually i found a copy of the source code but no UPK Files aka you have to rebuild most of the content on your own later ill check,Fix and comment the code so its easy to use for everyone
                              Thank you so much alvarofer0021, I look forward to the upload. Really appreciate it.