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Are there any free to use maps or static meshes around?

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    I visited Turbosquid to download some good stuff like free cars and plants. Here is a question - if the author was a dumb and he uploaded a car/plant that was stolen from the other author or a game, am I currently guilty for using this pirated stuff in my project when I didnt know it was stolen ?

    Also, can I modify the free models there at TurboSquid or not ?


      Developers are responsible for the content in their game. For example, if you release a game that included content which you thought was free, but was actually just stolen from another source, you would be responsible for wrongly using another person's IP in your project.

      Regarding modifying models from TurboSquid, every model has their own license agreement, so you'll have to check up on the models you use. That said, for the Standard Royalty free license agreement, you may change models as you wish, but you may not re-distribute or sell them as your own (unless otherwise stated in the license agreement). Here's a FAQ for the Standard Royalty Free license agreement at TurboSquid. According to the FAQ, you're allowed to use the model in a game, but it has to be in a format such that end users can not use the model in another 3D application (such as 3ds Max or Blender) - eg., it must be in a proprietary format like a *.upk.

      I hope that helps, but be sure to check with each model you use because the license agreement can vary from model to model.


        Free static meshes

        Hello, I know this may be a little late but my website has free static meshes which were created by using the UDK editor itself. (UPK files) It can be time consuming but if you are on a budget you have to make do with what you have got and a lot of these other programs cost big $$$$$$$$$

        If you wish to use my meshes make sure you are using the 2013-07 version of the UDK editor. If you use a earlier version the meshes may not display correctly. Also the materials used are all from the UDK editor itself so it keeps your project more compact saving hard drive space.

        All that I ask in return is a link to my website in your project. That's it. Even if you don't do this that's cool, It's only a request but I would appreciate it.
        Here is the link:

        New to UDK? I have a tutorial to help guide you in installing the meshes: (It's really easy!)

        This is a direct link to the file used in the tutorial:

        I wish you luck on your project and hope it all works out well for you!