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  • UnScripter

    I changed name of my IDE to UnScripter (I won't say its old name).

    I also went to the dark side and decided to move to those Visual Studio style docks,
    because I realised the IDE is going to need a lot more panels and is going to get a lot more complex.
    HRuivo showed me an example program with dock panels and
    while I ignored it at first, I realised I needed it later.

    Just want to make this clear, but this isn't anywhere near the likes of WOTGreal, UnCodeX or nFringe.
    It's just a very simple IDE for now. Has a few parsing features, but that's about it.
    I added a very simple class browser (for now) and some other exploration tools (ie. Goto Parent).
    I want to focus on the User Interface more than on straight features.

    I'm hoping to get a first release in soon.

    Google Projects: Here

    Google Projects Wiki: Here

    Getting Started Developing: Here

    Screenshot: Here

  • #2
    nice - a free debugger would be great


    • #3
      Thanks a buunch for this hekar


      • #4
        thanks for this, I think I'll try it.


        • #5
          Did you make the debugger youself. If how?
          How can you make a compiler yourself, because you dont have time to make it. Do you call the old fronted or what?


          • #6
            Looks nice. Wouldn't mind trying it out!


            • #7
              Looks good. I think we do need a good IDE and the screenshot does make this one something to watch out for.


              • #8
                Trying to download the repository. Keeps coming up with errors saying that it is not a working copy. Wonder why..


                • #9
                  I did download the repository using Tortoise HG.
                  However did not have VB Express to build the code.. Waiting for a release.


                  • #10
                    Where can I find a function library for unreal script?