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    Default InfiniExplorers - Space SandBox - WIP.

    Hi everyone.

    Im working in a space sandbox game, called InfiniExplorers.
    My idea is create a game that you can travel around the galaxy with your custom spaceship that you built piece by piece, with the objective of extract minerals of the planets,asteroids... and build base,space stations and improve your spaceship in order to defend yourself of the exterior threats.

    03/05/2014 Update: Hello, I am in the second phase of a competition called Theree Headed Monkey Awards, and in this phase people can vote if they like the game in order to pass to the next phase where a proffesional jury will choose the games that will go to the final. I hope to enter in the next phase in order to can talk to proffesionals of the sector who will give me some advices of how to improve my game.
    The link to vote is this

    03/01/2014 Update: Hello,I uploaded new videos showing how the electricity works and how the canons defend your base against the intruders. Thank you.

    Here the videos of what I made until now.

    Links To the Videos.

    Trailer Pre-Alpha InfiniExplorers
    Modular Armor of the character.
    Canons in Action
    Build Planet Base
    Build Space Ship
    SpaceShip Planet Collision
    Build Asteroid Base
    Build Space Ship

    Edit: I did a little form with two questions, the idea is obtain info from the user.
    if you have two seconds you will help me to improve the game.
    thank you.
    Thank you.
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    Build Asteroid Base

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    Build Planet Base

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    SpaceShip Planet Collision

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    The script sistem look very cool! keep going and nice work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zibipod View Post
    The script sistem look very cool! keep going and nice work!
    Thak you for your response, I spent a lot of time doing the the script and is really nice but i have to improve a lot of things.
    Related to the game im just a programmer and im doing the game alone, i know that i have to improve the models and textures but im searching for somebody expert in this area, I hope that the game with a deep story and good graphics and more tools will be like by the people.

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    Hi everyone I did a few things in the game and i would like to show you. Thank you for all.



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