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    Question How do you import Maya files into UDK?

    My company all works in Maya, and they hired me on as an intern to work with UDK. However, I've never imported models before, but I don't seem to be able to import .ma or .mb files. What filetype is needed for this?

    (Also, is it just me, or is the search function here extremely difficult to use/find anything useful?)

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    Search sucks pretty bad on the forum
    But anyways. You export as .fbx and then just create a new package in UDK and import your fbx files there. It supports both static meshes and skeletal meshes.

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    And maya can export directly to that? Thanks!

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    Is it possible to manipulate rigs this way for character models?

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    not sure what you mean by "manipulate" exactly but yes you can export character rigs with fbx as well.
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    You can rig and animate your meshes in Maya and export as FBX and it'll keep your animation. Currently, UDK supports importing meshes that have Bones, Morphs, and Rigid animation (just animating object positions/rotations/scale without being rigged with bones or morphs). If you have some weird rigs and constraints you may have to set the FBX exporter to bake the animations in.



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