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    Default "Pinkie" Locust Grenadier

    Just something I cooked up in photoshop. His name's Pinkie because of his missing pinkie and middle finger on his right hand. To make him I photoshopped the upper body of the Grenadier onto the lower body of the Hunter elite to give it a diffrent pose. I then added the scars and such with the paint brush and touched them up as best I could to make them look like part of the body. I changed the color of his eyes to have an orange tint to give him a more sinister look.

    I also have a picture of his rusty Gnasher he uses:

    Neither of them are really my best work, but Im satisifed with the results
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    Locust: Savage Grenadier/Savage Grenadier Elite

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    Pretty cool, good job :P



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