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    Default Looking for KOTH clan

    k/d 1.6
    w/l 2.2
    5x onyx gnasher
    91 brutal legend

    All of my stats are playing about 95% of my matches lone wolf but schools almost out and I'll be on a lot. KOTH specialist almost 1000 victories but I'll play any gametype... Hit me up if you're serious about a clan or if you just want to roll.

    GT: Mr Lengthy ESQ
    Florida, USA
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    If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or you may lose.
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    - Sun Tzu; The Art of War
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    USA or UK? would be happy to if it's uk... GT: CRACK TH3SKY

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    hey y not tryout 4 TKx (True Killas) clan




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