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    Default Gears of War PC Issue!!!!

    Hi all, I have been trying to play gears of war on my PC. I have installed the game. Which was a problem in it's self!
    But when i try to play the game i have this message appear. D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Gears of War\Binaries\wargame-g4wlive.exe
    You cannot run the game with modified executable code.Please reinstall the

    I have found out that this was a common problem with this game on PC. And if i set my pc date back to 2007.
    The game will work! But then i cannot log into my games for windows account.
    To play online, I would of thought all of these years later that epic would of sorted this problem out.
    As i see a message on this site saying that they where trying to sort it. Back in 2009.
    Does anyone have a fix for this. So that i can login to my windows live account without altering back my pc clock year and date.
    Any help resolving this matter would be appreciated many thanks....

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    A bit late but I found this.

    1.Uninstall Gears of War from your computer.

    2.After Gears of War is uninstalled, delete any Gears of War files or folders that remain on the system.

    3.Reinstall Gears of War from the DVD.

    4.After Gears of War is successfully installed, make sure that you do not start the game.

    5.Visit the following Microsoft Web site to download the latest Games of War update:

    6.Save the download to your Desktop.

    7.When the download is complete, close the Windows Internet Explorer browser, and then view your Desktop.

    8.Double-click the executable file that was downloaded to your computer. The English version is called "GearsPC_TU3_Microsoft."

    9.After the update is complete, start Gears of War.



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