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    Default German Start-up - form a new team [profit-sharing]

    Hey there,

    I am a young man from germany. The idea of this new company is creating games for high-end smartphones and tablet-cps. The first priority mobile operating system is android. The second priority is iOS.
    I am alone and can't create games. So, I am looking for some developer to create the first game. What I am doing? I have the ideas and I manage all in the background (marketing, division of tasks etc.)
    Why UDK? To develop the most beautiful casual game in the market.

    Some key points:

    • High-resolution textures
      • Minimal: 720p resolution

    • Account system
      • A lot of features
        • profile
        • Friends
        • Stats
        • more
      • Single- & Multiplayer
        • Tournaments
        • Some game modes
      • freemium

    • First games -> casual games
      • Farm
      • Town
      • Small casual games
      • Battleship

    • Others
      • Humor & fun at work
      • teamwork
      • creativity
      • A lot of ideas
      • contribute your own ideas
      • payment -> profit-sharing

    Key Points

    • Game Modi
      • Single-/Multiplayer
      • Campaign mode
      • Continues game

    • Buildings
      • School
      • Farms
      • Train station
      • more & more buildings

    • Vehicle
      • Train
      • Bus
      • Car
      • Plane
      • Ships
      • more & more vehicles

    • System
      • Transport of goods & people
      • Build up cities
      • Comprehensive urban management
        • Transportation
        • Well-being

    The basic idea is the combination of the mobile game "Virtual City: Playground" and the pc game "Transport Giant". The user can build up cities, factories and create a transport system. At first, the user build up some factories and transport the goods between the factories. Then it could transport to the created town to feed the people. In the town the user can transport the people through the city and more things.
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    Profit-sharing doesn't mean paid, you should change your tag to Royalty.

    You also say you're an idea guy but you haven't presented any idea

    Besides that, you've also demonstrated you don't know what you're talking about---UDK doesn't support Android, and 720p is not a resolution that you would apply to game textures.

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    Ok, sorry, I changed it.

    I am a little bit cautious -> becouse of that -> key points. I have a big notepad full with ideas, but I am scared about talking about the full idea.

    You're right. Becouse I only have the ideas and little knowledge about creating games. In this section, I need help.

    UDK doesn't support android? what about that?

    I know, that I can't apply the resolution to the game textures. I meaned that the textures should be high and the resolution should be 720p. That are only key points.

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    Just wanted to let you know that on that page which you are looking at is the platforms that licensees can export to, And a unreal engine license costs a good 300,000 dollars if I remember rightly (And nope the $99 license doesn't export to those) With what you said I still feel that you need to elaborate on your "Ideas" that you have shown above and what is going to give you the ability to accomplish them for example you can't get good graphics because you feel like it, You get decent graphics because you have experienced successful artists and as its your first game I wouldn't aim your sights so high. Anyway I wish you luck with finding your "dream" team and bring your idea life.
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    What about that? "On subsequent revenue, they are required to pay the 25% royalty"

    I said, that are only the key points about one idea. I have a lot of game ideas written on paper, but I don't want to write the whole idea in the public.

    Thank you

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    Then don't write the whole thing, just write a bit of it so that people can understand the basic idea. If you don't do that, then you have no chance at ever getting enough people to pull this off. And, you cannot release on android for the exact reason that XstreamTech said, but you can release on iOS if you really want to target mobile.

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    UE3 supports Android, but UDK has not been updated to support Android. So if you wanted to release on Android you'd need a full UE3 license which can be very expensive.

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    What's the different between UE3 and UDK? I thought that UE3 is UDK or epicgames.

    So, if I want to publish the game on android, I have to pay for a expensive licence and if I want to publish it on iOS, I have to pay the 99$ licence and then the 25% royality? Is that right?

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    Err, you can't have "720p textures".

    To publish on Android you need a full UE3 license. To publish in iOS, you need a royalty bearing UDK license OR a full UE3 licesne and an Apple Developer license.

    Your biggest issue to resolve is that you're not a game developer; noone wants to work for an 'ideas guy' unless they're being paid to do so.
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    I know, that I can't have 720p textures. That are key points and I want high resolution textures and a resolution of 720p

    ok, have someone some links for me?

    I don't have money, to pay developer through the development. Therefore they get money after the release -> profit-sharing.

    P.S. thanks for all informations

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    But everyone just said here you can't have a resolution of 720p for textures, by higher resolution you mean 4096X4096, right ?
    You need to understand that you need to show what you have already done, and a little bit about your idea, the reason you need to do this is because this is not paid, even if you give this royalty thing there is no guarantee that your game will ever get released or that someone will buy it (i'm not trying to discourage you) so the ones that will help you will have no guarantee of earning any money,

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    I know, that I can't have a texture resolution of 720p. This was related to the display resolution and the game should look good. So I want high-resolution textures and a display resolution of 720p. Do you unterstand, what I mean?

    ok, I unterstand what you mean. I am a little bit scared to talk about my idea, becouse someone could stole the idea. Do you unterstand, what I mean? But ok, I will create a document with some informations. I have a lot of noticed ideas, I created some maps with xmind, so I will create a document with more informations, but not to much.

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    No one is going to steal your idea---people all have their own ideas and they're not going to care about using yours.

    BTW no iOS devices are 720p, iPad 3 goes higher than that, and all the others are less than 720p.

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    ok, I am a little bit carefully tomorrow I will post more about the first game idea. I have to translate it first, becouse it is in german

    yes, I know. At first, I wanted to create the games for android, but I know now, that the licence is very expensive.

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    Alright you don't need to write much, but write something concrete, btw the license is not only very expensive even if you have the money yourself you might not be able to get it, it's usually companies that get licensed not "people",



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