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    Exclamation Problem with UDK and computer, i need some help with this issue please.

    Hello fellow comunity members, i am really proud to be learning and using UDK but i have some problems and i would like someone to help me solve them cause they get on my nerves really.

    I am making some maps and when i use foliage mode both my 2 computers lag really bad, i don't know if i am doing something wrong.

    Here are the specs of my computers:

    Desktop with:
    Windows 7 32 bit
    Intel core 2 Duo at 3.0 Ghz
    Nvidia Geforce GT 7800 512 Ram
    4 GB ram ddr2

    Alienware M14x (Laptop) with:
    Windows 7 64 Bit
    intel i7 at 2.2 Ghz
    Nvidia Geforce GT 555M
    8 Gb Ram DDR3

    Looking forward to your replay

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    How many polys are in the mesh you use for foliage?

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    I am using a default UDK mesh named SM_GEN_Foliage01_LargeTree01_Opt but sadly i don't know anything else as i am new to all this.

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    i get a hectic lag when drawing them out, so its not only you
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    some screenshots of my game in progress

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    Does anyone know what can be done about it?



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