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    Default Can't create a private Warzone match?

    Can someone help me out? I've been boosting for that Pyro Onix Medal as well as some Buttoned Up ribbons using the HoD Gridlock method, but all of a sudden, the game doesn't let me create private warzone matches. I've tried changing my party type, turning on and off my Xbox, playing live, but nothing seems to work.
    Can someone please help me or has someone been getting the same problem?

    I'm just 230 kills away from my medal...

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    What is your screen showing?
    -Is Warzone Blurred out?
    -Is Warzone not there?
    -Can you get to the pre-game lobby, but not start it?
    -How far through the menu can you go until it doesn't let you go further?
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    Ive had this happen to me, like If im boosting for a Medal and I back out and check Status for the medal, and go back to do the same thing. When you go play the gametype, it shows the loading bar and doesnt go to the loading screen to pic the Map and Weapons/Charaters? If thats the case um I suggest maybe, Cloud save take a break and come back!
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