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    Angry gears of war 3 online error

    banned from gears-- is it a account ban or an ip, or what else? and is it possible to play gears on an other account?
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    You're banned from the Gears of war 3 servers, idle boosting in public or modding its cause for ban. If you think its a error please contact a Forum Admin. right down the page. Bans are permanents without exception. Other causes:

    * Console ban, that means someone else log in your Xbox with a GT banned and your console its banned too.

    * Played the Beta without invitation or code, downloading from a Memory Flash.

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    You were banned from playing Gears 3 online for modding/cheating. All bans are permanent.

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    You were banned from the Gears 3 servers.

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    thanks. that sucks the only game i enjoy playing is the only game i get banned from :'(



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