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    Default font broken when cooked with unreal frontend, but works when installed from editor

    When i run the cooker and load my game onto the IPAD, the font that i have selected to show the scores doesnt work. it just shows the default ( very small fonts ).

    However when i run the game in the mobile previewer or if i install the game onto the ipad via the editors upload to ios button, the font works as expected.

    What on earth do i do to fix this? i need to be able to set the font for the final package. i have been hitting my head against this for 6 hours.

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    i havent found a solution, but i have found something odd.

    if i reload the level by using the ConsoleCommand("open mymap"), then the font works. it is like the font isnt loaded in the first time around.
    is there a way to force the font to be loaded?

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    solved. boy, this took me 3 days to find. maybe a comment about it should go in the documentation.

    Turns out if you use the kismet draw text and pick a font to use, then that font needs to be in the engine package

    here is the only documentation i discovered on it.



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