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    Default Come to Poppa, Locust Forever (Team Versus achievements)

    Need team of 5 to get these achievements in Versus mode, playing as Recruit Claytons and Savage Marauders.

    Will be online from 9:30pm GMT. Just add me on XboxL, when we have 5 people we'll get on this.
    I'll change the prefix from Request to Complete once I've got this.

    GT TweedyTL.

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    Hey Gear!

    Click the link vv on my sig to get the cheevos you're targeting easily without a 5-man team.

    Achievement Helpers Team: Member Ivory Skin Fun Run Thread
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    Right you are! Thanks for the tip, I'll be doing it solo then.

    Although a team of Recruit Claytons would have been cool...

    I'll be doing this around 9:30pm tonight. Send me a message before then if any1 would like to do this in co-op. Otherwise I'll just play with a spare controller.
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    I want in
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