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    Default 'Pruner' and 'Dewormer' Ribbon Question

    I've tried multiple methods in trying to obtain both the titular ribbons but to no avail. I've tried doing it in both solo and co-op on both campaign and arcade. Am I doing something wrong? I know I've met the requirements multiple times, but the ribbons don't appear onscreen or in my ribbons list.

    Any help/methods in which others obtained the ribbon would be great. Until then, I'll keep trying.


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    Hey gear!

    Play Arcade on the Act 1 chapter 3 on co-op mode or with a second controller plugged in. Once you're inside the market area, drudges will appear. I suggest playing this without the super reload mutator on Hardcore. This will get the drudges to mutate and not get them to blow up easily. Once they mutate, just shoot their arms to get the pruner and if you're lucky enough, you'll also get a few dewormers playing this act. When you kill the last drudge, just before entering the storage door, reload the checkpoint. Don't worry the kills will still count. Just rinse and repeat. You'll get em ribbons in no time.

    Hope this helps!
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    do what bunnee says it will work, u can do it on normal, just shoot the drudges in short burst, as if you hammer them with bullets they will just explode before they mutate + then wont turn into headsnakes. Reload last checkpoint if you dont get all the ones you need

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    Deleted and re-downloaded my Gears data and did your method and got them. SO much quicker. Thanks a lot



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