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    Default 41 ranked disconnects after playing 1 ranked TDM match?

    Last night I was playing with friends and we went into a ranked TDM match, but after it finished I checked my stats, and I now have 41 ranked disconnects, how is this even possible, I've only ever played 3 ranked matches in any game mode, I have all of the title updates installed, and have already spoken to an xbox ambassador, who helped as much as possible and sent me to here to post, is there any way to reset my ranked disconnects without losing my rank or medals or anything? because the 41 are annoying me, as I'm getting alot of bad rep from other players calling me a quitter etc. :/

    Until last night I had 0 ranked disconnects, then after playing and finishing one ranked match I suddenly had 41 :S
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    A while back you could get a ranked disconnect for quitting public horde. I've never quit a ranked match and have 9 or 10 (can't remember) ranked disconnects for leaving horde matches early.
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    Did you play and quit Horde when the game was released? If so, then every time you quit Horde before reaching level 50 it counted as a Ranked disconnect. It's been patched since though in one of the TU's. I have 20ish Ranked disconnects because of this. If you haven't done this then. Sorry I don't have any idea what could have caused it Regarding the Rep thing people give bad rep a lot of the time just because they lose! I've had bad reviews for using bad language, when I usually only ever have my mic on when I'm in a party with friends! And on the occasions when it is on in a Public situation I can't ever remember once swearing or raging! I've noticed I usually get bad rep after beating a team in Brothers to the end when I'm running solo

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    I had 0 ranked disconnects until after playing my 3rd ever ranked match, then I had 41

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    250 all from horde/beast when it first came out.......going to Onyx this absolutely nothing...



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