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    Default For those of you who have gotten "Dirty Little Secret - NO HIDING PLACE" Early...

    Can you PM me what goes on in this issue. This is the series finale and it will show the attack on Azura by Queen Myrrah and lead right into the events of Gears 3. The Slab answered some of our questions about Adam, the Locust, Prescott, Marcus, and Azura. I feel like this issue will finally get some insight on Queen Myrrah. Can someone tell me if they got their issue if it reveals ANYTHING about her. All we know about her origins is that she is not "Queen" by royalty, but by a self given title of dictatorship. Please...?

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    I think you might benefit by putting this in the "Gears - Beyond the Game" section.
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    Oh man I'm so stoked for the final issue, i can't wait for tomorrow to come!
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