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    Default Phys_falling & NotifyFallingHitWall

    Hi, im starting to work with UnrealScript and for test and learn i'm developing some movement improvements. Begun with a running system, then a walljump using hitwall and now i'm tryng to use NotifyFallingHitWall to detect, by example, when someone failed a walljump.

    I spent some hours searching for NotifyFallingHitWall info unsuccesfully. And i'm not able to make this code work:
    Class GlossController extends UTPlayerController;
    simulated event NotifyFallingHitWall(vector HitNormal, actor Wall)
    It is not full source, just the relevant code. Well, everything on the game seems to work ok unless this. I jump, hit and fall against the test map cube and the event is never called.
    Tired of making test, i tried this on the Pawn code:
    simulated event HitWall( vector Norm, actor HitActor,PrimitiveComponent Prim )
    	if (Physics != PHYS_Falling)
                `log("Falling y tropezandOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO");
    But trying to fall against the cube some times and in the log the message only appears once. Then i retry, open the game, used walljump to climb and then fall back against the cube... closed and nothing on the log. Not hitwall and falling nor notifyfall..

    I think i'm missing something... any clue? thanks
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    Firstly, when launching your game use a shortcut and append -log to the command line. You can then view the logfile in realtime without stopping and starting. Example:

    D:\UDK\UDK-2012-01\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe MapName?game=YourPackage.YourGameInfo -log -remotecontrol -nostartupmovies
    Secondly, is that first code snippet actually what you have or a mistake?

    Thirdly, the second code snippet for HitWall will only log when you're not falling. I thought you wanted it to respond to falling?

    Also UTBot.uc seems to be the only example of NotifyFallingHitWall in action. Take a look at that.

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    1º Thank you very much, this will save me tons of time on reopening the engine..
    2º It was a copy/paste mistake, sorry. I corrected it.
    3º Yeah it was an actual and stupid error. I was already too ofuscated at that moment. I corrected it and.. suddently it begun to work as it should, it detect almost every collision while jumping but... now it's harder to explain why the NotifyFallingHitWall isn't triggering :S
    º I already saw that code. Set the boolean true and override the event. Can't see the difference with my code

    Thanks for the response and the advice ^_^

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    You also may want to test/vary/adjust the MinHitWall variable in your controller. Be warned though, leaving MinHitWall at too large a value can actually cause your pawn to get "caught" on flat surfaces, so its best to turn it positive and negative to suit your situation.
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    Tryed the MinHitWall thing. Seems not related to the problem. Tested extreme possitive and negative values without any result :S

    Thanks anyway, every idea is welcomed and even if don't work, i've learned something!



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