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    Default Texture on mesh becomes black on close-up

    Hi. I'm completely new around here, been with the editor for around a week or so. Started to experiment with my own maps right now.

    I imported some old assets from UT2k4 maps and have a problem with some of the static meshes there. When I come close to them they become all-black. Actually it seems to affect all, and only those which use 2k textures (means 2048*) I wanted to edit the texture and lower the res/change lod (weird idea, but why not) but UDK crashes when I try to do that. Wanted to export the texture - but it doesn't save. The saving window just closes and the file is not there.

    I have no idea what can I do now. I'm a no-good with gimp/photoshop so I definitely can't make my own texture for that.

    Any help highly appreciated. And sorry for my newbie incompetence ^ ^ (ask more, probably didn't give enough details)

    Thanks in advance for any replies ; )

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    I don't believe you can export Epic's files from UDK, you need to have the source in order to do that.

    Not 100% sure why it would turn black can you post a picture?
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    And for Epic assets it gives an error that there's no source for the file. But this one was a custom texture from UT2k4. For now I removed the object, but I'd really like to use it in my level instead of changing it to sthing else =/

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    BTW it's illegal to use content from other games. Even UT

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    Yay. So I can't even experiment on my own? It's not like I'm selling it or sthing. I own the game, so I should be able to use it's textures... right ? Thanks for pointing, but I need an answer, not a denial.

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    Owning the game doesn't mean you can use stuff from it.

    If you never release anything then it's not like they can stop you from messing with it (just because of not knowing about it). As for the weird issue, have you built lighting?

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    Yes, I did. This is the unlit mode to show the problem better. It happens in both lit and unlit. It's the texture becoming black. Completely.

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    What happens if you remove the material from the mesh? Does it still get the error? What about if you open the static mesh in from the content browser, does it show it in the preview window there?

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    It shows in the preview window as well. As to the material, I can't remove it as well - seems like the whole package is bugged - when I remove material it still shows on the mesh. Did a copy of the mesh in another package and moved the bugged one away. Model is fine - the texture was the one getting black. Same texture was applied to other meshes as well (2048*2048) and was getting black as well.

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    Have you tried creating a new material with that texture? What kind of file is the texture? BTW 2048x2048 is usually only use for something like backgrounds, it's probably too large all though that wouldn't cause the issue you're having. With something like bricks you don't need it to be very big anyways since you can tile it.

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    I know it's large, but it's used by many meshes (parts only used on a specific mesh) - might be reason? And yes, tried making material as well. What do you mean, what kind of file is it.. ? How do I check that ?

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    You imported the texture right? What format was it before you brought it into UDK.

    UDK supports up to 2048x2048 so the size shouldn't be a problem, although it's very large. If it's just brick then I wouldn't keep it at that size. I'd crop it smaller.

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    This could be an LoD/MipMap issue. The same happens if you change the LODGroup of some UT3 stock textures from cooked packages.
    You are always talking about the whole package so I guess you don't have just the texture file on its own on your HD? Export the files separately from the UT2k4 package and then reimport them to UDK.
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