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    Default Are These Values True Fo Wheel Roll Axis and Wheel Steering Axis For This Vehicle?

    roll axis: is Y
    steering axis: is Z?

    When i do like this i can enter the car just fine but wheels tounch the body and i cant move much further.

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    Yes, and sounds like your suspension isnt stiff enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetfire View Post
    Yes, and sounds like your suspension isnt stiff enough.
    how can i fix that? is the model problematic , or it can be fixed in udk? as i said i can move forward a bit but then the car gets stuck , when i exit the car and look at it the wheel get too close to the body

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    Two things:

    1. Make sure that the position of the wheels in the reference pose represents the maximum extension of the suspension (i.e. the length of the suspension if it wasn't compressed by the car's weight).
    2. Check and adjust if necessary the suspension stiffness, which, off the top of my head is located in the VehicleSimCar properties, in UnrealScript.
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