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    Default Gears of war Graphic design degree project

    I chose to base my final major project around the gears of war original trilogy (I say original as Gears of War judgement has been announced) my dissertation was about the effect the internet has on graphic design my arument was that since the introduction of downloads there is loss in the physical item so created the "Download Edition" where purchasers of the download version would receive a code where they could then enter it into a mini site and there details so that it could be sent to them. It included a medal (the Embry Star) a Delta squad embroidered badge patch, a t-shirt and a footlocker like container where all of the other items would be in when transported.
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    Interesting idea, and very contextual given our new digital age. What does it mean to our consumerist nature? People have a tendency to define themselves by the "stuff" they own, but what happens when that same "stuff" is merely a bunch of binary code stored electronically? Who knows? But it's certainly an interesting talking point. Loving the sawn off/lancer shirt design, that's really cool looking.

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    Good luck with your project too.

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    Thank you for your kind thoughts and observation its very encouraging

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    Oh damn, now thats some nice looking work!

    Yeah, good luck and post some more if you have the time!
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