View Poll Results: Do you want to customize, but still need to unlock the basic fortification upgrades?

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  • Yes. Customize, and still have to unlock upgrades.

    5 100.00%
  • Customize, but start out with everything already unlocked.

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  • Unlock upgrades, then unlock customization.

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  • Too complicated. Keep it the way it is.

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    Default CUSTOMIZATION in HORDE 3.0 maybe?

    I'm hoping someone at epic will see this. I think that there should be a way to customize fortifications instead of always having to upgrade them to the next level. Like if you built a turret, but simply want to increase rate of fire instead of having to make an investment for an upgrade you dont want or cant afford, then simply aim at your turret and press one of the four colored buttons on the right to customize it. The same way if you were to trade weapons or give ammo/cash to a teamate. Or maybe if you have maxed out a fortification like a red laser barrier and there is no upgrades left. Just go up to the barrier, aim at it and press either X, A, or B then press the button that has the customazation upgrade that you want. Another example would be that when you buy a sentry gun, you have the choice between a machine gun, shotgun, or flamethrower. Then you could aim at the sentry and either increase durability, increase damage, or increase range. I personally want to start with the ability to customize, but still have to unlock certian upgrades that way it wont get boring.
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