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    Default We're All Stranded Now - Gnasher Shotgun Prop

    Hey, Epic Gamers! ...Gotta say, I'm glad this blasted thing is done. It's been almost a year since I uploaded my WIP on Twitter -

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    I took that bare-silver thing to the Midnight Premier at Gamestop. That was fun. Lots of comments. :P Alas, it wasn't finished. But I had no job, so no money for paint, paintbrushes or any of that happy stuff. So, there it sat, next to my Retro Lancer, collecting dust. (A few months back if fell off my shelf, and the lever broke into 5 pieces. ...That was not fun to fix.) But then I got hired, as an NAR in a Skilled Care facility. So I got money, but then I had no time to work on it. Since it was my first job, however, and Washington's State Department of Health isn't very adamant about calling people about turning in outdated paperwork, I can't work anymore until they process my license. So, for a week so far, I've had money and time. Awesome!

    So, I'll tell you right now - this isn't the standard Gnasher paint design. I tried to do it, but I can't paint straight lines. That went out the window. So, I went with a theme - Stranded. I thought (since, as some of you might know, I'm all for Locust) "What if a Grenadier was washed out of the hollow, without a gun? He'd have to make one himself, right?" So, I made it look shambly, old, dirty, worn, and beaten up. Lots of silver and black paint, a few drops of red, some felt strips and some foam cutouts (You might be able to see the Locust symbol toward the handle) and this is what I came up with.

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    I don't have a camera, so I borrowed my sister's smartphone again. (The WIP was taken with the same phone.) She posted it to her Facebook, and I got it from there, so my apologies for the not-so-amazing picture quality. I'm hoping to get more pictures from her, since there are details on the bottom (I wrote my gamertag with the Locust alphabet on the bottom) When I get more pictures to post, I'll add them to the OP.

    Unlike the Retro Lancer prop from NECA (huge props to them, pun intended, for making it awesome) my Gnasher is really lightweight, since it's made from paper, fiberglass resin and Bondo body filler. So running around with it and imagining a COG massacre is a breeze. I would know - I practiced a two-piece on my Mom.

    Yes, that is my kitchen. Yes, that is a can of corn starch in the background. No, that isn't real wood.

    So, here you go - A Gnasher, made by a lowly Stranded Grenadier.

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    It looks Sick!!! , way better than mine. I build mine outta Paper tho, next time I will use Card stock tho.

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    Very creative. Absolutely love it.
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    Very nice effort, and a story to boot.

    Well done sir! Looks great.
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