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    Question About the Tapatalk app.

    I just wanted to know if it is worth buying since it has the Epic Games Forums on it. And it would be nice if you could tell me how smooth and works,etc.
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    I have this app.

    I just want to say first hand that it is perfect for the Epic Games Forums compared to the normal internet browser on your device. It runs very smooth, and it works just like the normal forum. You pick a part of forum you want to go on, browse threads, and reply to threads. But, it is just so much more smooth, faster, and easy to use, I love it. Another plus is that it saves your forum account on the app, so you don't have to keep signing in every time. Don't want anyone else to use your account on the app? Don't worry, there is a passcode lock in app purchase that you can buy ($0.99) that enables a passcode lock on your account. The only downside about this app is that you can not see the sigs. Besides that, this is a perfect buy if you want to browse the forums on a mobile device. This app is definitely one of my better purchases.

    Here is a video of the app: iOS-

    Hope this helped.
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    I just use my browser on my phone. Saved a shortcut on my home screen to forums. If u check remember me at top it does. I tap on my shortcut Icon and go directly to gears 3 multiplayer forum. Automatically. Signs me in. Works great but app may be a little faster. If I'm grabbing 4 g though it is faster than greased lighting.

    On a side note playing gears 3 off your 4 g cell really isn't that bad lmao things u do when ur Internet goes down

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    Yes, its worth it
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