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    Default Solution for logging in problem

    For those who didn't find out about how to sign-in with your XBL account. Here it is!

    Just download the link below:
    GoW: 1250G
    GoW (Windows): 1000G
    GoW2: 1750G
    GoW3: 2000G
    GoWJ: 900 (only re-up and war supporter missing)

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    Good to see you got it fixed. I just got mine working a different way and was going to contact you. No need to now though, lol!

    EDIT - My method added.

    1. Install the game.
    2. Download and Install the patch - Gears PC TU3 Microsoft (I got it from FilePlanet, 6.2MB file)
    3. Then google 'Games for Windows Marketplace Client' and click on the first link. Download and install the file, it's about 20MB.
    4. Load up Gears and press F1/Home and you should be able to play with your gamertag after a couple of easy steps.

    Hope this helps some of you.
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