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    Default 4 player co-op campaign problem

    I have finally completed the campaign with 4 players (I have no friends that play Gears and just needed to complete the prologue with 4 players for ages but could never get 4 players to join before the round ended). It shows that I've completed every chapter with 4 player co-op but the mutator has not unlocked (I think it's friendly fire or something). If there is an achievement for it I don't think this has unlocked either. Any advice or help to sort this would be appreciated. It's not a major issue but is a bit annoying when it takes a long time to achieve something and then it doesn't give you the unlocks etc.

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    Many people have come here with the same issue as you, and most have managed to resolve it.

    The main reason is because they missed perhpas just one or two chapters in the campaign. Remeber, you have to complete every Act, every chapter within that act, and every checkpoint within that chapter in order to receive said acheivement/mutator.

    Unfortunately, this means you may have to play through the entire campiagn again.

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    I had a problem like this, and couldn't figure out. I had ONLY played campaign on insane, and had done every chapter, 100% without a doubt positive on that. One day while playing, the ribbon randomly popped up, and then I had the medal. Was very weird.
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    Oh, and one more thing. Make sure you have all four players present throughout. If one player leaves half way through a chapter (even if they return), it may not be counted.

    I had this problem in Act 5 previously. Someone left towards the end of one of the chapters. We had to do it again as it wasn't counted.

    All four players have to see it through to the end. All the way through.

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    I have played through the campaign start to finish 2 times now and have had no achievement both times. The game credits me with accomplishing it in every possible way you can think of (through the achievements menu of stats and awards, and the 4 player icon's when selecting chapters and checkpoints).

    According to that page, which I have been checking almost weekly since I found it way back in like January. The updates stop early February, it is now June. Where is this explanation as to why it hasn't been fixed/will not be getting fixed?

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    Cheers for the replies guys. It shows the 4 player icons on all chapters and acts in the campaign select screens and in the achievements all the acts are ticked but it has not awarded the achievement or the gamer score points. Looks like I'll have to play through again, not easy to get these achievements without friends that play gears though. Oh well at least that gives me a chance to try to get the onyx medals for Arcade lol. Cheers again for the advice.



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